Commercial window and exterior building cleaning experts. Our portfolio of satisfied clients across Yorkshire and the North of England speaks for itself.  Unparalleled service, incredible results…we excel at what we do.

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Keeping Yorkshire business safe! Covid-19 Disinfection
Commercial window and building cleaning - graffiti removal
Commercial Window and Building Cleaning
Commercial window and building cleaning - softwashing
Over 30 years of experience providing commercial window cleaning solutions of the highest standard to our clients across Yorkshire and the north of England.

We utilise the latest methods, training and equipment to deliver an incredible service, in the safest and most cost-effective manner.  Whether on a large high-profile office or apartment building in Manchester or Leeds City Centre or a small business premises in Harrogate, all our clients can expect the same dedicated customer service and attention to detail.

We are trained and licensed access and working at height experts and can utilise any means currently available to provide a safe and robust solution, no matter how complex the site.

We are proud to work closely with organisations such as English Heritage and National Trust to maintain their historic buildings, often requiring precision and careful cleaning to avoid damaging old and fragile glazing.

We also provide internal window cleaning solutions to our commercial clients. Whether this is ‘out of hours’ to minimise disruption, or while your premises is occupied with staff and clients, our teams work sensitive to your site’s requirements and carry out the work in a professional and courteous manner.

Commercial exterior building cleaning - Softwashing
The way the exterior of your office or business premises looks can directly affect the way potential clients and customers view your company or brand.

We can transform almost any material whether tile, brick, stone, render or aluminium cladding and make your business premises look as good as new. Using the latest equipment and methods and our experience and training in specialist access and working at height, we deliver a fantastic service no matter the size or complexity of the site.

We can also clean and sanitise car parks and other paved areas around your premises as well as smoking, bin and bike shelters, shopping arcades and precincts and supermarket loading bays and food disposal areas .To find out more about this service check out our blog post here.

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Commercial services - ATP Testing and liquid sanitisation
In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have invested in the training and equipment to help businesses open safely in line with government and WHO guidelines.

ATP monitoring is a rapid testing method used to quickly assess the cleanliness of surfaces, helping organisations achieve optimal standardized cleaning levels. ATP Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is present in all organic material and is the universal unit of energy used in all living cells. Most foods and microbial cells will contain some level of naturally occurring ATP. Luminometers use bioluminescence to detect residual ATP as an indicator of surface cleanliness. The presence of ATP on a surface indicates improper cleaning and implies a potential for the surface to harbour and support bacterial growth.

Our Storm ballistic virus killer generates very small airborne droplets of a water based chemical which offers excellent biological inactivation and is one of the most environmentally friendly of all the gaseous decontamination processes.

  • Fastest and easiest way of sanitising large areas with minimum disruption.
  • Ideal for outbreak control measures.
  • Complete room disinfection to 4-Log validation (99.9999%).
  • Pre and post chemical test indicators prove if there has been sufficient exposure from the Fogging process.
  • High penetration of hard to reach areas.
  • Non-corrosive, no wiping (which only removes 11% of harmful bacteria Source: British Medical Journal) and no residue.
  • Unlike some products, ours continue to work on surfaces up to 30 days after application though in reality as surfaces are touched the true effectiveness in an occupied building may be more like a week.
  • Products work quickly and surfaces are safe to touch after just 5 minutes
Commercial Services - Gutter cleaning
Damage caused by water ingress is one of the most costly and commonly recurring problems faced by both domestic and commercial property owners.

Blocked downpipes and overflowing gutters are one of the main contributing factors to this and a yearly maintenance programme is essential to protect your property. We use the latest equipment to survey and clean any type or style of gutter in the safest and most cost-effective manner. We then provide our clients with a visual record of the incredible end results and highlight any repair or maintenance issues we have noticed along the way. 

Whether offensive or just an eyesore, graffiti can rapidly affect the look of your premises and therefore how people view the security of your business or residential property. 

We can respond quickly to attend and remove it before it encourages others to add to it.  We are trained and accredited in the use of the relevant chemicals and best equipment to deliver a fast, cost-effective, environmentally friendly service. 

Pests such as pigeons can quickly damage the look and structure of your building and the mess they leave behind can be of serious risk to health. 

We provide bespoke pest control solutions which are effective, environmentally friendly and have the minimum impact on the aesthetic of your building.  We have a range of clean-up options, including steam cleaning and bulk sanitisation/disinfection.

Commercial services - sharps removal
Drug paraphernalia and needles around your business premises obviously pose a serious health and safety risk to your staff, clients or customers. 

Similarly to graffiti, statistics show that where the problem is not addressed, this can be seen to show a lack of security and make your premises or grounds a target for other users.  It also can have a visually damaging effect on your companies image and reputation.  We can react quickly to remove and dispose of such hazards and have the relevant training and accreditations to do so in a safe and unobtrusive manner.  Where required we can then sanitise the area to prevent the risk of contamination or infection.

Commercial services - chewing gum removal
Chewing gum can be annoying and affect the look of your business premises. 

Often found in a high concentration outside building entrances and smoking shelters.  We use an incredibly effective, backpack-mounted chewing gum removal system, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  Its lightweight, portable design allows it to be used safely and unobtrusively in high-traffic pedestrian areas ‘in hours’ to avoid extra costs. Also perfect for reaching places difficult to access with floor scrubbers or jet washing equipment.  Include this service as part of your building’s yearly maintenance package.

Commercial services - Central Square traffic management
Save money with our “in-house” traffic management service.

While we always try to work in the most cost and time effective manner, safety and compliance with appropriate local and industry authorities is of paramount importance.  When using access equipment such as truck-mounted cherrypickers in city centres, road closures and permits from Local Highways Agency are often required.  Our team is trained and licensed to survey, produce and action traffic management plans and procure permits from the relevant authorities.  This gives our clients the peace of mind that all works on their sites are compliant with the highest safety standards and allows us to reduce overall costs, by offering this service ‘in-house,’ rather than through a 3rd-party.


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