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Soft washing in Leeds, Harrogate, throughout North Yorkshire & West Yorkshire from Excel Cleaning Contractors Ltd

Traditional methods of cleaning by ‘blast cleaning’ and ‘high pressure washing’ are potentially damaging to the surface, particularly in the case of render. If cleaned incorrectly, this can be incredibly expensive. The Softwash approach is a gentle but much more effective way of targeting surfaces with specially formulated biocide with surfactants. 

This method cleans mosses, algae, pollutants and other organic matter that causes staining over time and can protect against reoccurrence. This approach relies on approved biodegradable chemicals doing the work instead of water under high pressure which is harsh on the surface being cleaned. In comparison to pressure washing, the ‘stay clean’ time is up to four times longer meaning cleaning does not have to be carried out as regularly saving time and money. 

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  • Render cleaning 
  • Cladding cleaning 
  • Timber cleaning 
  • Stone cleaning 
  • Roof cleaning 
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